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Keto Strips + Diet Tracker App | 100 Strips

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Keto Strips with Free DietTracker App. Track your Macros (Ketosis level, Calories, Carbs, Proteins & Fats. Patent Pending app scans your keto strip and records the results to your phone.

Now you can use our new Keto strips and scan the results into your phone! Normally you would compare the strip to the chart on the bottle (and you can still do this), however the Diettracker App lets you scan the strip and collate your results over time to keep track of your progress.


How does this work?



Firstly, order your Ketone DietTracker Keto Strips here.

For iPhones:

Search the App Store for the SPARK DX App by Spark Diagnostics.

For Android:

Search the Google Playstore or the SPARK DX App by Spark Diagnostics or click on the Google Play icon below.

Once you have loaded the app, follow the instructions below to set up your account.

Then simply dip the strip in your urine exactly the same as normal keto strips.

Open the app, hit the photo button and scan the unique keto strips that have been manufactured from special materials to work with the patent pending DietTracker app.

Its that easy. Keep scanning and tracking and build a record of your results so that you can see what is working for you and what isn't!


The Diet Tracker App is a partnership between Zest Keto in New Zealand and Spark Diagnostics - a leading USA based company. Recipes and some other functions on the app not available in New Zealand at the moment.