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About Us

ZestKeto are leaders in ketone monitoring and maintenance.

If you are managing your ketone levels while on a weight loss program such as a Low Carb, Ketogenic, AtkinsTM or Paleo diet, then Zest Keto have the most reliable products to help you with this.

ZestKeto is proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated. All of our products are stocked in New Zealand, and we back up our products with super fast service and fully guarantee your satisfaction.

We aren't an offshore based company (we consider Australia to be offshore), and we don't drop-ship products. If we are out of stock, it will show on the website.

You can buy with confidence knowing that Zest Keto products have been developed with YOU in mind, and brought to you by a dedicated Kiwi business.

Feel free to contact us at should you have any further queries.