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Keto Testing

Keto Testing

Keto testing is important because "What you can measure, you can manage"! Zest Keto has put together NZ's best range of keto testing products to help YOU succeed in your keto journey.


Keto strips are a small white strip with a reagent patch on the end. When immersed in urine, the reagent detects the level of ketones and changes colour. The darker the colour, the more ketones present.

Until recently, all ketone strips were alike - but not any more! At Zest Keto, we have worked hard to develop new options and now you can choose from 4 different ketone strips to get the best option for you. 

Zest Keto Premium Ketone Strips are inexpensive and designed to get you started on the keto journey, while the revolutionary

NEW bhbSTIX® are more accurate , especially longer term, as they measure BHB levels.

Zest Keto DietTracker strips can be scanned by your mobile phone to the DietTracker App for better results tracking.

Zest Keto Ketone+pH strips test both pH and ketones, which is especially helpful for women who wish to avoid vaginal infections when making significant dietary changes.