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Keto Strips | 100 Premium Urinalysis Test Strips

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Easy to use Urinalysis Ketone Strips. Simply dip and read, and get results within seconds.

Perfect for those on low carb diets, Keto or ketotonic diets, those losing weight or building muscle, or simply of you are dieting for a better lifestyle.

ZestKeto Ketone Strips are an intuitive visual product which monitors content of ketone bodies released into urine after fat burning. They take a reading of the acetone units in the urine.

Manufactured in quality controlled factories, ZestKeto strips can be relied on for accurate readings every time.

Each bottle contains 100 sensitive reagent strips for urinalysis to quickly and painlessly get precise ketone level results. The indicator colours are easy to read and make it simple for you to monitor your Ketone levels yourself, in your own home.

Normal non-ketone-containing urine is negative, ie, the test result shows a minus sign (-); if the urine has a fat metabolite, or fatty ketone, the Ketostix color will gradually turn purple. The deeper the color of the indicator, the higher the content of ketones in the urine.