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Keto Blood Tester Kit | e-BKetone Ketone Testing

ZesThe ultimate starter kit for Blood Ketone Testing when on Keto and low carb diets. Contains everything that you need to get started with ketone blood testing, and getting accurate readings for the best diet results.

As a keto diet progresses, the accuracy of urine test strips decreases as the body adapts to burning the ketones produced, meaning that less pass out into the urine. Therefore the only truly accurate way to get a correct ketone reading is by testing the ketones circulating in the bloodstream.

The e-BKetone Blood Ketone Meter can be used to accurately test for Ketone levels when on a Keto diet or similar low carb diet.

Results have been clinically tested for accuracy, and only take 10 seconds for a result.

And the great thing about the e-BKetone meter is that it only requires a very small blood sample of 0.5 µL, compared to 1.5 µL for some meters.

Test strips are of the highest quality and come in sterile bottles for freshness.

Ready-To-Go-Kit includes:
- Blood Ketone Meter
- 10 Blood Ketone Tester Strips
- 1 Lancet Pen
- 10 Lancets
- 2 AAA Batteries
- Customer zip up carry bag for the meter and accessories
- Instruction manual
- 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


- 0.5uL Small blood sample required
- Get your results in 10 seconds
- Specimen is Capillary whole blood
- Acceptable Hematocrit range 30-60%
- Enzyme type beta-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase (HBDH) (Diaphorase) DAD
- Measuring Range (mM) 0-8.0
- Memory capacity 180 with time and date
- Unit display mmol/L
- Dimension 87mm x 63mm x 23mm
- Weight 78(g)
- Batteries AAA x 2 (included)

Ketone Test Strips and Lancets are available in separate listings.

Manufactured in a GMP Certified factory in Taiwan