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Keto Breath Meter | KetoElite Ketone Breath Analyser


The ZestKeto KetoElite Breath Meter is a superior quality ketone breath tester featuring a commercial grade ketone sensor for long-term accuracy and reliability.

The quality of the sensor is the most important factor for clear accurate keto testing results, and cheaper quality testers don't have the same technology as the Zest Keto KetoElite. Breath meters are fast and easy to use, and now with the KetoElite, you can have confidence in your breath test results.

When on a Keto diet or another similar low-carb diet, testing for ketosis can often be a messy and inconvenient option. Urine strips are very cost effective in the short term, however they can be a hassle to use when in a hurry.

The ZestKeto KetoElite solves that problem! It is convenient to carry, quick to use and small enough to fit in the pocket of your gym bag, pocket or purse.

The KetoElite has an advanced MEMS sensor, or Micro Electro-Mechanical System, which is compact and accurate and different to most other cheaper ketone breath testers. Along with a rechargeable1000 mA UL Li-Ion battery, there's no more searching for batteries when your device goes flat, simply plug in the charging cord supplied and in a few minutes your up and running again.

1. Non invasive ketone testing - no more finger pricks.

2. Fast response with a warm-up time of only 30 seconds. Results are displayed for 5 seconds after blowing.

3. Economical - no ongoing cost of buying more keto strips.

4. Results recording function - save your last 64 results for accurate tracking.

5. Easy to read LCD screen with a colour coded backlit screen - Red for not in ketosis, orange for light ketosis and green for full ketosis. The reading is also measures in numbers.

6. Rechargeable for cost free long-term running - 1000 mA UL approved rechargeable battery.

 It can also be used by diabetics as the smart MCU controller covers a broad range and has an auto warning for reading beyond a pre-set limit - perfect if you are worried about ketoacidosis.

While Urine strips use the historical value of excess acetoacetate production to get a reading on ketone levels, The Ketalyzer breath tester shows that you’re actually converting ketones into energy. It is a real time measurement.Uses a plastic removable mouthpiece so it is easy to remove and wash, and will make the meter more accurate and hygienic as there will be less buildup of residue on the mouthpiece.

The Ketone Breath Meter comes standard with 10 re-usable mouthpieces and more are available if required.