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KETO STARTER MOTOR | Everything you need

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his bundle is the full Monty.

A 2 month bonanza of energy and cognitive enhancing ingredients will help you to navigate the keto flu, keep you energised so you excel in your exercise regime and settle the stomach while you adapt to the different food selected in a keto diet.

The great thing is the big savings vs buying individually

It is the perfect bundle for those starting down the keto road, however is not limited to beginners. Many of our customers buy the STARTER MOTOR every 3 or 4 months and then top up on their high use products in between.

The STARTER MOTOR has all 6 of our powerful health products to not only get you started in your keto yourney, but it replenishes 2 of the most essential ingredients in our diet, Magnesium & Omega 3, that can tend to be missing from the foods that we eat on a keto diet.

With 200 keto test strips included, you're on track to keep track of your numbers


Lastly but not least, the Digestive Boost contains digestive enzymes that have been specially selected to settle the stomach and help with digestion when eating a protein and fat heavy diet. This is delivered in a patented capsule system called Makzyme Pro® which ensure that the enzymes are delivered to the gut in a fresh state.

Get started today with the Keto Starter Motor and make your keto jouney a huge success!