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Keto Beef Slices | No Rush Freeze Dried Raw Beef Slices (5 Slices) | 3 Packs


No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef slices is the perfect solution to easy-to-make keto meals.

Refrigeration, meat preparation - protein is so important but sometimes a lot of hard work. Sometimes we find ourselves with a frozen slab of meat or unprepared meat when we are in a rush to stir up a meal. 

With No Rush Freeze Dried Raw Beef Slices, preparing meat is never easier. Just grab the pack out from your pantry (no refrigeration required) - open the pack and throw in your desired amount of beef into your cooking.


The good thing with No Rush meat is that it has no added flavour, preservatives or additives, just 100% natural raw New Zealand beef. This means that as you cook it you can add the flavour with your other ingredients - no flavour clashed happening here. 


3 x No Rush Freeze Dried Raw Beef Slices (5 Slices)


You can add them to any stew or pasta sauce of your liking and it will easily rehydrate, absorbing the flavour. The porous structure gives you a unique beefy flavor in every bite!

If you are cooking liquid based meals like soups, stews or curries, you can throw the meat into your cooking and it will rehydrate and cook together with your food.

If you are doing stir fries, bbq or oven baked food, just rehydrate the meat with water - its very fast, and drain off excess water. The meat will rehydrate to raw meat form ready for you to use for your cooking - too easy! 


Raw beef is first being frozen when fresh, and then dried to remove moisture so that it can stay raw and fresh without spoilage for a very long time when kept in cool and dry environment (do not refrigerate). 

See the above video for more information.

No Rush Beef Slices are also perfect for outdoor adventurers.  

Without refrigeration, we all get by with our outdoor food. We use chilly bins, or bring along our dried meat, canned or flavoured meat for the meat protein craving that hit us sometimes.

  • No chilly bin required
  • Light source of protein (net weight for each pack is only 60g).  
  • Each pack is sufficient for 2 servings, depending on your appetite, and comes in a re-sealable pouch for convenience.

For the adventurous foodie, you can even instantly rehydrate No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Slices and pan fry them for that extra sizzling flavour! 


3 x No Rush Freeze Dried Raw Beef Slices (5 Slices)